Prayer & Home Groups

Prayer & Home Groups

Midweek at LABC

There is much that goes on at LABC during the week. But if there is only one thing you are able to plug into outside of Sunday we would encourage you to attend the prayer meeting and home groups. The focus of these times is spiritual growth and we seek to grow together in maturity in Christ. 

The central prayer meeting should be the heart beat of any local church as we gather as children to bring our needs to our loving Heavenly Father.

We gather at the church building for our central prayer meeting on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month from 8pm-9pm.

The gospel is God’s gracious giving of Himself to us through Jesus Christ. The church is founded on and nurtured by the gospel and its ongoing effects. The mission of home groups is to strengthen the church by being communities of people who together rejoice in the work of Jesus on our behalf and who help one another in following Him.